About us

DIY has taken on a whole new meaning in the past few years. While the concept ― i.e. do it yourself ― has been around forever, it has seen a spike in popularity a little more recently. These days, you can DIY just about anything (yes, it’s a verb now), whether it’s clothing, interior design, or things of a geekier nature. It doesn’t hurt that Nintendo has risen in terms of mainstream popularity, both in regards to shiny nostalgia and newer products being put out into the world, and that 3D-printing has gone from theory to commonplace. Geeky and nerdy is the new mainstream, and tech has also been given a popularity boost. In other words, there are just tons of tech-y DIY-projects out there to be inspired by and try.

My name is Thomas Tobier, and i built this site for DIY-enthusiasts like me, as well as beginners who’d like to try modifying and transforming something common into something unique. Tobier.se is a place for ideas and inspiration, especially for those who’d prefer not to separate tech from aesthetic, old from new. There’s nothing that says you have to choose, so why not have it all?

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