To most people, retro tends to refer to the 80’s and 90’s, where tech is concerned. And yes, there is a certain nostalgia about this era that’s precious to a lot of people out there. But what if you’re into a different kind of retro, a different kind of nostalgia? This computer case draws inspiration from the 20’s and 30’s instead, back when art deco was the big thing. The style’s clean lines make it grand in its simplicity, and this custom case definitely adds a touch of class to most spaces. It doesn’t hurt that the art deco style gives off a Bioshock-vibe as well, for those who’d like to add a subtle nod to that game, while they’re at it. Despite its flaws, Rapture has a pretty great aesthetic, after all.

It’s a fun project, and putting it together can definitely be done if you know how. With some MDF, some creativity, and some artistic skills, this project is a unique way to give your computer and the room some character.


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