The Z80 Microcoumputer

Do you ever feel like you missed out on the magical early years of the personal computer? The 70’s and 80’s were a special time ― even Apple was just starting out. It’s easy to feel like you were simply born too late to enjoy any of this nostalgic goodness, the longing for a little Z80 or 6502-based microcomputer so strong. But any DIY-attempts you might think of seem overwhelmingly difficult and time-consuming. Who wants to sit and solder together dozens of obsolete IC’s for weeks, without even knowing if the end result will work at all?

Good thing this project exists, then. It will help you assemble this dream into palpable reality in just an afternoon, while letting you enjoy it for months to come. You can build your own retro-style microcomputer to program, play music and games, but perhaps most importantly recreate that 70’s tech magic.

Though some parts may be hard to come by, they can all be found with some effort. You’ll need a Wii controller, a microSD card, a PS2 keyboard, a VGA monitor, pocket Mini Computer kit, and a set of computer speakers. Putting it all together to make that retro magic happen is the fun part, and the instructions are pretty straightforward and easy to follow ― all it takes is some patience and passion. So what are you waiting for? You’ve got your afternoon plans, right here.

Check out the project on Instructables

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