The Raspberry Pi is a curious little contraption. This series of small single-board computers has become incredibly popular since it first released the original model, and today it can be used for a whole bunch of things. In this case, the suggested use is making your own retro game machine. Because to be frank, with all its perks and benefits, the Raspberry Pi is a retro gamer’s dream.

First off, you could turn a Raspberry Pi into an all-in-one console. Via the RetroPie software, you can emulate everything from a Game Boy to a Playstation, while packing it all into a neat, 3D-printed case. An excellent use for 3D-printing technology, to be honest.

Speaking of Game Boy, why not build one? It’s a bit more challenging, perhaps, but so worth it. Whether it’s a full-sized one or a pocket version, this DIY machine packs a lot of power, letting you play retro games while keeping a retro aesthetic. You’ll have to familiarize yourself with emulators on the Raspberry Pi, as well as build some custom electronics of your own, and get ahold of a 3D printer to make the case ― but it’ll be worth it.

Lastly, you could just hunt down a NES classic and buy it ― or you could make your own. Whether or not you just can’t get your hands on one, or you want to get creative, there are several DIY-projects and tutorials out there to choose from. Among others, there’s one that teaches you how to stuff an entire Raspberry Pi emulator setup into an original NES cartridge, and then hook it up to a TV set. In other words, there’s no reason to sit around and be bored this weekend.


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