There was a time when arcade halls were all the rage, and while games have shrunk in size while also increasing in quality since then, the older ones still have a special kind of feel. It’s more than just nostalgia. With a console the size of a person, it’s hard to not get immersed in the game, no matter how out there it is. So why not bring one into your own home? And no, we’re not talking about tracking down an expensive old machine and dragging it into your basement or your living room. We’re talking about building your own, because as we all know, DIY has no limits.

While a bar top arcade is more practical, not to mention more apartment-friendly, sometimes you just want to step it up. In other words, get a full-sized arcade cabinet built from scratch. To make this happen, all you need is an LCD TV, an old PC, particle board and some plywood, as well as some artistic ability and patience. To decide where the buttons go, you can find templates for the control board online. Maybe go with 8 button layouts ― that way you can do 4 player console emulation, if you want to.

Going at a project like this can seem daunting if you have little to no experience with woodworking or wiring, but there are forums and online communities out there that are a great help. And once you’ve actually put together the wooden cabinet, you can really go nuts with the design ― because it’s going to need an awesome exterior to go with the guts. Now, what you end up painting is up to you. Maybe you want to go with a certain theme, or bright colors, or maybe you want to make it look all classy, to look more like an actual piece of furniture. Spray paint, brushes ― there are tons of different options you can go with to make this arcade cabinet your own. No matter what you end up doing, it’s going to be awesome.

Source: Reddit

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