The desire for the retro aesthetic can be strong. Whether it’s about furniture, decor, or making your brand new PC look like it’s from the 80’s, nostalgia is a powerful thing that can change the entire feel of something. There are DIY-projects out there that help you transform ordinary things into awesome ones, and the NES-controller table is just one of them. But what’s the point with a giant NES-controller table, if it isn’t actually functional? With this project, you can take your retro game obsession a step further ― and make it a lot more fun.

First off, make sure you get the proportions of an actual NES-controller right. No one wants a half-done project, and the table won’t turn out the way you want it to without this vital step. Next, you’ll need to get a lot of stuff to make this work. Stuff like MDF sheets, push buttons, sandpaper, spray paint, paint rollers, latex semigloss paint, decals, epoxy, a whole lot of screws and nuts and bolts, not to mention springs and other random hardware. And, most importantly, you’ll need a 3rd party NES-controller. All you need from that is the circuit board and the wire that connects to the console.

Now the fun part begins. Don’t screw up the measurements and proportions, and get all the pieces together to build the MDF exterior. There’s a lot of assembling and buffing at this stage ― lots of sandpaper used up. But by the time you’ve built the box that will become the giant controller, it’s going to be worth it. Add some hinges, to let the box open like a chest. The most frustrating part of the project might be the d-pad and the Start/Select buttons, given that they have to be cut by hand and can be exceedingly hard to get right. Get into the wiring and finicky stuff, and you’ll end up with push buttons hidden underneath the giant wooden buttons you’ll be pressing once the table is done. Use the latex paint to give it all a splash of color, make sure everything is in its right place, and you’re good to go.

Source: Reddit.

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